Saturday, August 15, 2020

Coffee and contemplation on a Saturday morning

I'm sitting here, having my coffee, contemplating things as I like to do each morning. This quiet time before the hustle-bustle of the day helps me center, helps me set the tone for the day, and gear myself up for whatever it will bring.

Today is Saturday, and it will be a busy one. I've got lots of cleaning to do, including cleaning the fridge and defrosting the freezer which is not a small job. But the most important task on today's to-do list is to take my final exam in my first class at UoPeople. After today's exam I'll have a two-week break before the next semester starts. This degree will be a long-haul for me, so knowing there will be short breaks here and there is reassuring. 

Although it is only mid-August, I can already feel fall creeping in around the edges and I'm just not ready. I can't control the march of time, but I can control the condition of my fridge and how well I do on this exam, so I'm going to go hard on both today. Sometimes, that's all any of can do; pick something that needs doing, and do it, just to put all the worry and fear and stress away for awhile.