The End of the Road

When I last posted, I was in the process of rolling up my sleeves. cranking out bath bombs, and learning to make soap so I could sell it and augment my income without needing a second job outside the home. 

Although I love making soap and bath bombs, I'm sad to say it never really panned out as an alternative income stream. I did do several farmers markets and local events, which were great fun, but after the third event where we failed to make back our investment, I reluctantly decided to stop. 

I ended up taking a part time job at my local supermarket, and I now work there four nights a week. Because I'm working so much, I haven't had time to write (or post on the blog). Mostly, I'm just too darn tired! But I'm okay with that for now, because achieving financial stability is my ultimate goal, and sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. 

Speaking of plans, my original three year plan came to a close in June, and I'm happy to share that when it did, I had achieved all of the goals I sent for myself, including the Big Kahuna - buying a home. In May I signed a contract to purchase a condominium, and the closing was at the end of July. I know this is a bit anticlimactic, and I probably should have posted sooner, but I was just too busy living my life. 

It was, and is, an incredible feeling to know that I no longer have a landlord. Every day when I wake up, I am grateful. Every time I come home from work, I am grateful. My one regret is I did not, in the end, manage to do it all by myself. My parents helped me round out my savings to cover the down payment and closing costs, for which I will be eternally grateful.

I still check the listings every couple of days, and I have only seen two properties in the past five months that I could have afforded. It gives me chills to think how close I came to the market leaving me behind completely, and I feel very, very fortunate.

So what comes next? Is there another three year plan in the making? And what about the kids, Toby, Luna, and Big Brother? I'll be posting updates on all of the aforementioned in the months to come, so please plan to visit again soon. 

Happy holidays, and thank you for hanging in here with me over the past three years. 

Cooking in my own kitchen: one of the simple pleasures of home ownership.

Cooking in my own kitchen: one of the simple pleasures of home ownership.