Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kim's Magic Pop

I was strolling through the produce section of the grocery store this weekend when I heard a loud, repetitive "Popping" sound and followed it to investigate.

What I found was Kim's Magic Pop. Produced from a table-top machine, all glass and red enamel like something that belongs at a county fair, these tasty puffed grain cakes are made right before your eyes and sold by the bag.

The crispy low-cal wafers are grain based, all natural and come in multiple varieties, such as plain, onion or sweet potato. The flavors are very subtle, so as to not overpower the foods they are paired with. I'm currently enjoying them with Sabra's Jalapeno hummus.

Here is a video of the machine in action.

I was so fascinated with the machine that I went home and did a little research. What I learned is that popped rice cakes are a modern, mechanical twist on an  ancient staple of the Korean diet. Called Ttetok, there are so many varieties of the ubiquitous rice cake and so many traditions related to their consumption, that the Institute of Korean Food has dedicated an entire museum to them. 

Perhaps best of all, each popped rice cake is only 20 calories each, making them perfect for those of us watching our waistlines. They are also Atkins compatible, with only 4 grams of carbs.

The next time you are in your supermarket take a look for Kim's Magic Pop popped rice cakes.

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