Tuesday, September 17, 2013

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

You may have (hopefully) noticed that I've been missing from the blogosphere for the past month.

When I last posted I was making small, but steady, gains in the savings department. I was on a Kaiser roll, blogging twice a week, enjoying some post-foster care freedom, and making progress on Weight Watchers.

Thirty days later my savings are back down to almost zero, the URLs to my blog expired and I couldn't afford to renew them (due to said savings issue), and the foster kids are back again - although, technically, they aren't foster kids now. Oh, and I gained back most of the weight I recently lost, too, from stress eating.

Yea, I know, you're thinking "WTF???" All I can say is it was Murphy's Law - whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

The fact is, if you live close to the edge of your income, as I do, it doesn't take much to upset the financial apple cart. By the same token, living my life according to the values that are important to me (ie, helping others) means sometimes sacrifices have to be made. Both happened at once this time and it knocked me right back to the starting line again.

I'm not posting about all this just to moan and groan and say poor me. No, my point is the difference between success and failure comes down to one simple thing: perseverance. When sh*t happens - and it will happen - you can either give up and wallow in it, or you can get up and keep moving.

I choose to keep moving.

In my next post I'll share more about how I intend to get back on track and make up for lost time. Until then, here's wishing you well on your own journey from here in the Slow Lane.

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