Monday, June 2, 2014

Water Babies

Over memorial day weekend we had the proverbial backyard cookout at Grandma's house. Grandpa set up the sprinkler and the hose and we let the kids have at it.

Watching them run shrieking and yelling through the spray made me remember just how much they enjoyed going to the local swim club last summer. We were able to go because an agency we were affiliated with got guest passes for clients. The Princesses were super excited to put their previous summer of swimming lessons to good use, while Baby Brother splashed and had fun in the kiddie pool.

Some of my best childhood memories at their age are of that very same pool, and all the summer afternoons we spent there with my mom. I want the kids to have those same memories with their mom, so I started a Booster campaign to raise money to make it happen.

Follow the link to buy a tee shirt and help three little water babies enjoy making fun memories in the sun this summer.

Baby Brother enjoying the pool last summer

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