Friday, June 15, 2012

And the Family Expands Yet Again

As if the two Princesses, Baby Brother, Big Brother and myself weren't already enough, over the weekend we also added Toby the dog and Luna the kitten to the family roster.

Toby is a one year old Eskimo Spitz rescued from a puppy mill. He is friendly and gentle, but scared of his own shadow. He is doing nicely learning how to walk on a leash. Going potty outside, however, not so much yet.

Toby, taking a breather from potty training on the grass in the back yard.

Luna is a cute, spunky little eight week old ball of fluff and attitude. Big Brother adopted her from a co-worker whose cat had kittens who needed new homes.

Little miss Luna gazing curiously at the camera
When indoors the dog manages to both crave the attention of the children while simultaneously being terrified of them. Outdoors, however, he feels more comfortable and loves to be petted and played with.

Toby entertaining a couple of his admirers
 For now Luna is so tiny that we are keeping her in Big Brother's room safe from the rough and tumble love of the kids, but she resents it and does her best to break out to join the fun. Somehow I don't think it will be long before she, too, will be taking part in the happy chaos that is our life in the Slow Lane these days.

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