Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Getting Ready for Nano: My Writing Nook

Believe it or not there really is a desk under there somewhere.

Once upon a time I actually used my desk for writing and other desk-appropriate purposes. Then the kids came along, and with them a tidal wave of papers that I clearly am not doing a very good job keeping up with. My desk went from being my productivity spot to a catchall for everything I needed to get done "someday, when I have time."

There is no "someday" in Nanowrimo. It is all about "now" and making writing a top priority. I know if I'm going to really do this, then I need to make a commitment not just to the time it takes to write, but also to a dedicated space to write in. It took a lot of coffee and a significant chunk of my Sunday afternoon, but I banished the clutter monster from my desk.

Battling all that paper into submission wasn't fun but the end result is well worth it.

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  1. Best of luck, both with Nanowrimo and losing more weight! :)