Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy - Part I

Hurricane Sandy's first fingers of wind and rain reaching out to grasp New Jersey in her fist of fury

 Like most everyone else in New Jersey right now I'm hunkered down at home, awaiting the full force of Hurricane Sandy, expected to hit us some time today.

While we still have power I'm enjoying having the lights on, drinking my coffee and surfing the internet. I've also got the heat cranked up higher than normal because I know when the power goes the furnace will go with it; I want to get it nice and toasty in here now so the heat will last longer.

The animals clearly know something is different about today and they don't like it. The dog is nervous, pacing back and forth, watching the windows with a worried frown. His good buddy, the kitten, who is usually ready for a good wrestle after breakfast, only ate a few bites this morning before going back to snuggle under the covers with her human (Big Brother).

Even as I type this the wind is starting to pick up. A big gust just blew the back door open, sending the already anxious dog into paroxysms of barking.

My main concern in getting through this storm is the kids. I'm not worried about keeping them safe, that I can do. No, I'm worried about keeping my sanity! They are supposed to be playing quietly in their room right now, but two out of three kids have already had to take a time out and one got a good, stiff warning. Just like the pets, they know today is different and they are ratcheting up their wild and wooly side accordingly.

If we survive the hurricane, and if I survide the kids, I'll come back with a post-hurricane update.

Stay safe everyone!

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