Monday, July 7, 2014

Big News, Big Changes

The journey that began for the kids and Big Brother and I in December of 2011 has officially come to an end; The kids and their mom recently moved out to their own place. That chapter in all our lives is officially over.

So what now?

Big Brother and I are still here, in the house, at least for the short term. Big Brother's plan is to move out, too, either on his own or with a friend. He's been looking for a couple of months already, and it could be a couple more till he finds the right fit. Or the right place could turn up tomorrow, we just don't know. When it does, I'll be moving, too. I'll be going to live with my parents, to make saving for a house my number one priority.

In the meantime, Big Brother and I are enjoying our family time together. This is an important interlude for us, one we need to heal and reconnect. Grown up or not, he needs his mom, too, and I want him to feel loved and supported as he embarks on this next adventure in his young life. I also want him to feel mothered, something he has lacked for far too long.

We may not live under the same roof any longer, but I still hope to see the Princesses and Baby B often, and their mom, too. They are, after all, my family and I love them "up to the sky and back." I'm looking forward to many special one-on-one dates with each kid, and lots more group adventures, too.

A few people have asked me if I plan to foster again. I don't. In fact, I've already turned in my license. My mission is to stick with these kids, all the way up. I want to be there to be a part of and help with all the birthdays, holidays and special occasions in their lives. I want to be at their quincianeras, their graduations and their weddings (although I draw the line at teaching Baby Brother to drive. Somebody else will have to do that, I'm still traumatized from teaching Big Brother).

So there you have it, I am no longer a foster parent, just someone who is fortunate to be blessed with the four most wonderful kids ever in my life, and who now has two sisters instead of one.

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