Monday, November 17, 2014

Guest blog post by Princesses Jasmine and Ariel

Princess Jasmine Gives Readers the Goods

Princes Jasmine working on her blog post.
Hi, I am princess Jasmine, the guest blogger for today. Today I will tell you about my story I am doing for Nanowrimo this November.

My story is about a dog who lost a lot of things, like moving house to house and getting separated from his family. At the end he finds a family, but will they let him stay?

That's it folks, hope I did not say too much.

Princess Ariel Muses About her Muse

Hi, this is Princess Ariel,
A silly story Princess Ariel wanted to share

I'm writing a story with my sister for Nanowrimo. We are figuring out what is about. I'm eight years old and my sister is ten. We had a brainstorm and then we knew what we were going to write. I don't know why I like writing, it's just my thing. I like to draw the pictures, too.

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