Friday, November 16, 2012

Halfway to the NaNoWriMo Finish Line

Yesterday I hit the half-way mark in my NaNoWriMo novel, meaning I've officially crested the summit of the hill. Starting today whatever I write will begin my decent down the other side towards the finish line.

I have to say, the view from up here is really something. For example, look over there. Do you see that? What is it? Oh . . . wait . . . that's just the laundry I haven't put away for the last two weeks. Never mind, don't look at that. Look over here instead and you'll see . . . dust bunnies? Oh God. Forget that, too, then. Come to think of it, wherever I look I see something I didn't get to or that I let slide to be able to find time to write.

Big mess in my house or not, I'm still pleased with what I see. That is because NaNoWriMo isn't about climbing a hill or admiring the view. It is about writing. It is about making time to put words down on a page every single day, come what may. And this year, it is also about me, proving to myself that I'm still here, that who I am as an individual hasn't disappeared completely into the morass of Motherhood. If that means putting up with a few more dust bunnies than usual, that is perfectly fine by me.

One of the parties responsible for the dust bunny explosion, helping me write.

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