Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Word or Two From Big Brother

Yesterday I had parent teacher conferences for both Princesses. Sitting there in the little tiny chair, surrounded by kid artwork and colorful posters, I couldn't help but think back to when I did the same for Big Brother. He was a rambunctious child, very imaginative and not at all shy. His conferences usually involved a recounting of some mischief or other that he'd gotten into. In the second grade he tried to incite his class to help him take over the school when he mistakenly thought science class had been permanently cancelled. In sixth grade there was the infamous hot sauce incident, where he encouraged everyone to taste the super-hot hot sauce a classmate had brought for show-and-tell, causing a stampede to the nurses office. It was always something, so I usually approached conferences with my heart in my mouth. Luckily, neither Princess tried to take over the school (at least not yet) and their conferences went very well. 

Anyway, in honor of school conferences, and since the Princesses have recently shared some of their work, I thought I would post some of Big Brother's work form back in the day.

First up is a lovely poem he wrote in the 4th grade as a Christmas present for his mom and dad:

I am a funny, caring guy who loves skateboarding.
I wonder if I will ever be a pro skateboarder.
I hear a wheel spinning like a jet on an airplane.
I see my board breaking like shattering glass hitting the ground.
I want to be able to do a 900 just like that.
I am a funny, caring guy who loves skateboarding.

I pretend I'm a famous skater.
I feel like I've accomplished something when I learn a new trick.
I touch my helmet that looks like the sky.
I worry if I will get badly hurt.
I cry when I fall because it feels like 1,000 knives stabbing me.
I am a funny, caring guy who loves skateboarding.

I understand I'm not the best at skateboarding, but I always try.
I say I can do this when I want to try something.
I dream of doing the longest board slide ever.
I try to go as fast as the wind.
I hope I won't die trying.
I am a funny, caring guy who loves to skateboard.

And here is an essay he wrote in Freshman year in high school, for your reading enjoyment:

Written on 1/20/08

The one thing that surprised me about myself this year is that I didn't know I could change this much in a short amount of time. The one thing I wish I could improve upon myself is to learn from my mistakes and get better grades. Usually when I get myself into a lot of trouble I do learn to never make that mistake again, but sometimes I try and find sneakier ways of doing it to not get caught, but that hasn't been working out very well lately. I don't really know if there's anything that people should know about me because the people I know already know enough about me. Next year I'm hoping to find a job that I'll like and be able to look back and say I had some of my best times there. The one thing I was wrong about in high school is that it's not as hard to learn your way around as people say it is. The thing I was right about is that it's way better than middle school in some ways and you can most definitely make a lot of new friends and enemy's. The part of high school that will be best for me is probably being able to get through each year and get that much closer to graduation. My greatest challenge will be to maintain my grades and try as hard as I can not to get into too much trouble.*

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