Saturday, November 10, 2012

True Confessions - NaNoWriMo Edition

My manuscript in Srivener as I work my way towards 50K

One of my favorite things about doing NaNoWriMo is the chance to network and learn from other aspiring writers. To that end, yesterday on the NaNoWriMo facebook group I participate in everyone was posting links to their author sites, blogs and facebook pages so we can all link up. I happily posted mine and began making the rounds, checking out everyone else's pages. I saw some really great looking websites and facebook pages that had tons of followers and practically screamed AUTHOR! WRITER! LOVER OF BOOKS! Very impressive, indeed.

I came away feeling envious. It isn't that I feel like I'm less of a writer, because I don't. I suppose I just envy those who know, with absolute certainty, who they are and how all the pieces fit together in their lives. I too often feel that my own life is like a patchwork quilt, little pieces of various odds and ends, all thrown together, that somehow add up to a full-sized, if somewhat skimpy, existence.

Although I write and always have, I have to wonder, will I ever be A WRITER anywhere except in my own imagination? And if so, am I writer enough to do this as more than a hobby one day? Doing Nano not only reminds me of everything I love about being a writer, it also reminds me of just how far, far away I still am from ever being able to make writing anything more than a peripheral theme in my life.

Ironically, NaNoWriMo is going swimmingly otherwise. My word count is at 20K, which gives me a buffer zone of 5,000 words. My story is taking on a life of its own, going places I wasn't planning on. That is OK, though. It keeps things interesting.

How is Nanowrimo going for you?

Does gaining on your writing goals sometimes still leave you feeling melancholy with no explanation, or is that just me?

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