Thursday, August 21, 2014

A letter to the Universe

Today I turn forty-seven and embark on a brand new year of life.
My happy birthday hug from Luna

I've been pondering what values, actions and ideas I should be cultivating this year. Out of that pondering came this list:
  • Live in the moment. 
  • Be grateful
  • Be creative 
  • Be kinder and more patient (with myself as well as others). 
  • Less social media
  • More walks
  • Less talking
  • More writing
  • Less judging
  • More listening
Today, I put this list out into to the Universe.

I am calling on God, or my own subconscious self, or whoever or whatever it is that needs to be put on notice that these are the things I want the forty-seven-year-old version of myself to be about, and to ask for help, for guidance, for strength and protection as I continue to splash along through the currents that flow beneath the surface in the river of life. 

Only a couple more scenes to go to complete my second draft
As I work on my novel today, fueled by strong coffee, kept company by my favorite feline/canine duo, I will be beginning the year as I intend to go on: present, creative, focused, and open to the magic of all the unexpected possibilities waiting to be discovered just over the horizon.

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