Monday, September 1, 2014

My pocketful of dreams

My birthday present to myself this year was business cards.

I don't really need business cards, and it wasn't even about wanting business cards. It was more about making a promise to my future self not to give up on our mutual dreams.

In the month since the cards arrived I've only used six; I gave two out to real people, and four more went through the wash by accident. After the washing machine disaster I know I should keep them in my handbag, but I like reaching into my pocket and feeling them there, a tangible piece of my dreams.

Some might call this faking it till you make it, but I have a different name for it: motivation. I know that success isn't about the end result, it is about getting up every day and doing the work, even when it feels futile. And believe me, it feels futile pretty darned often sometimes.

So if you spot me on the street, feel free to ask me for my business card. I'll bet you dollars to donuts I'll have one in my pocket, ready and waiting.

Do you ever feel you left your dreams too late? I have. All in Good time tells how I got through it.

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